the expansion of your body

Through Asana we bring awareness into our precious bodies. With motion, we prepare your vessel for stillness. Stillens that shall weave over our entire being and clear the obscure layers that dim our light. My first teacher used to say „stillness of the body leads to stillness of the mind“. My own experience that followed throughout the last few years was solid evidence and proof of the wisdom in his words. 

Especially when it comes to asana, I practice and teach in deep honor of how unique we are. Our precious incoparable bodies require us to get to know them and find our own ways of letting asana unfold instead of following strickt alignment frames.

I invite you to explore. Be an adventurer within your own skin. With endless curiosity investigate every corner of your physical shell. Find out how it feels if you move with a whole lot of awareness. Be playful! Start your asana practice as a conscious dance around your edges, challenging them. respecting them. Remain a student every day and remember that where you are right now in your body, your practice, your life’s situation is so precisely where you shall be in this chapter.



the magic of your breath

Pranayama is a powerful tool to reach into the depths of your consciousness, to heat up your organism, stir around or establishing profound grounds of stillness and peace, to reconnect to the energy that blows vitality into you. Prana is our life force. Did you ever think about how precious your breath ist? Did you ever designate it as your LIFE FORCE? Our breath is such a vital part of us. Devote some alertness to it. Your breath literally holds the power to change your physics and your mind as it is the direct link between them. My humble suggestion is to start breathing consciously for just a few minutes out of your day and see where it takes you. You’ll soon be fascinated on pranayamas transformational influence onto your world.




This is what we do all the work for. We educate ourselves, we cleanse and harmonize our breath to become freer and more connected within, we move our bodies so we feel our bodies and prepare it to finally experience stillness. A stillness that operates like some ultimate cure to each pinch and pain in our brains. Meditation calms our overly eager minds so we can operate for a deeper understanding, so we can finally find ourselves leading with our hearts.

It's not all easy peasy lemon squeezy and at the same time, it really is. Sounds weird? -It is! It requires a whole lot of dedication to just sit. Regularly. To show up every day for stillness. To not listen to all the voices in your head, breathe and truly be in the present moment. There are many tools to practice meditation. Not each one will work for you. Our minds are too sneaky and will quickly find new ways to nudge us again. To me, is all about gracefully letting go of thoughts and arriving again and again at a sacred space of stillness within you. 


way of the heart

Did you ever notice that singing can move and connect us on such a profound level. To ourselves, each other and to whatever is out there and within us -doesn't matter if we call it the universe, God, Shiva, Allah, or simply energy. What will guide you there? A deep longing, devotion, humility and a simple call out. Just like in Rumi's Poem "Love Dogs" (yes, go look it up!) we simply gotta show up wholeheartedly. Chanting is a sacred portal for us to drop into this heart space. 

Everything that truly comes from your heart is a Bhakti Practice. 

It has unlocked my voice, it has stretched my heart, it has transformed what yoga means to me. 

Let's go on a journey together to explore the rich realm of our emotions, deities and life's full spectrum of colors.