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WYLDE TIME -Taurus Season joy-book /pdf

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COMING SOON: WYLDE TIME -Gemini Season joy-book /pdf

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Ever since I cut the ties and started this free fall kinda life, I found sanctuary in the sun's and the moon's cycles. This practice of reflecting, learning, and aligning with nature, constantly clears my understanding of what forces bubble up within and around me. Transformation, growth, and self-awareness awaited.  

Every month when the moon is new. When masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) dance along in the corresponding vibration, spending time in the same astrological sign, I think about something I wanna manifest. I crystalize it out as clearly as I can and focus on it during the waxing moon. -Where attention goes energy flows!

Each time a cycle is complete, while sun and moon are looking at each other from opposing signs, pulling on each other's energy giving us a peaking full moon, I reflect about what to shed. What do I hold on to in  life that does not serve me anymore? What is safe to let go?

The astrological signs that sun and moon sit in during full- and new moons set a theme. All of these twelve signs are alive within us. Consciously exploring them is like meeting a bunch of people... different roles and characters within you.

This practice has become remarkably essential to me. It holds the key to enormus internal transformation.
That's why the following its a very special offering from the roots of my heart. 

I've had the pleasure to share my practice in the form of the moon magic and wyld time workshops in Switzerland and Austria. It is such a humbling and wholesome experience to see how people crack open and find a flourishing connection to themselves by aligning with these energies, by aligning with their nature.



o keep in touch with this practice or do it yourself, wherever you are I create workbooks though my clients suggested to rather call joybooks and I think that's a wonderful idea.  you within this process of reflection. Each of them presents knowledge about the current moon phase, the signs and how they affect us, provides a meditation or ritual, a yoga flow and introduces a mantra. Every workbook attempts to make you feel a rhythm to dance through these powerful times.