Do you wanna experience yoga in acknowledgment of your very unique needs?

Do you wanna practice whenever you feel like it?

Do you wanna roll out your own mat wherever life happens for you NOW? 

Do you wanna dive into a deep, intimate relationship with yourself?



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How it works:

You are invited to share as much information with me as you wish... about yourself, your self-care practices, physical and mental health.

Please also make sure to answer the following questions:

  • Why do you (want to) practice yoga?

  • How does your exploration of yoga look like (experience and background)

  • What do you want to explore physically (such as stagnancy, tight shoulders, hips or hamstrings)?

  • what do you want to explore emotionally (such as stored trauma, feelings of fear, shame or guilt?

  • What is your physical and mental health history? 

  • What do you wanna integrate more of in your life (stillness, calmness, fire, strength)

Additionally, I highly recommend sending me a visual file (preferably a video), for me to learn about your posture. This will let me include cues in your practice according to your own body’s compensation patterns (don’t worry - I assure you, every human -without any exceptions- has them though they are as unique as you and me).


Once I got to know you and received your payment I will create and record an audio-class that 

I’ll send you a link to download your class.

The rest is up to you! Roll out your mat in the most beautiful place you’ll find, plug in your headphones or let my voice fill your living room.

I sincerely can’t wait to practice with you. 


If you aim to establish a fundamental practice I'd love to hear little reflections on how the class felt for you. 

After some time, you’ll find that we build an intimate relationship, for I get to know you better and your classes will become a reflection and guidance of your necessities.

I offer this self-care practice in English or German. 



Let this be a self-care ritual, each month. An impulse for transformation, a hum for stillness or any kind of enrichment your substance might be aching for.

Monthly class $ 60,- USD

six months subscription